Are you looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia for your WordPress blog? You are very lucky, since there are plenty of reliable hosts in the country that you can choose from. Basically, WordPress hosting is your house where you store the files, images and content of your WordPress website. Just like what the name implies, it is developed to be utilized exclusively on WordPress websites.

How to select the most reliable WordPress hosting services?

The most effective way to pick the right web hosting service for you? Focus on these 4 crucial factors:

  • Customer Service
  • Your Website Needs
  • Speed
  • Uptime

Figure out the needs of your WordPress website. Here are some options:

1.Free WordPress Hosting

There are a lot of available free WordPress hosting services out there, though usually, there is a catch. The provider would put ads on your web pages. As much as possible, avoid this option.

2.Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular kind of WordPress hosting. This is often preferred by newbie bloggers and online business owners.

3.Managed WordPress Hosting

Do you prefer a premium hosting service for your WordPress blog? Managed hosting is the option you must consider. This is also the best choice for established bloggers and website owners who are willing to spend a big amount for their platforms.

4.WordPress VPS Hosting

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server combines the control and privacy of a managed WordPress hosting service, while still utilizing a shared server. This is great for high-traffic blogs and medium-sized businesses.

5.WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

Do you want full control over your WordPress platform? Then, settle for a dedicated hosting service. This is the number one choice for blogs and traffic websites that employ a system admin.