Video games are increasingly being played by people from all walks of life all around the world. Various video games such as ‘Dota,’ ‘Pokemon Go,’ Valorant, Mobile Legends and ‘Candy Crush Saga,’ which are quickly becoming the obsession of youngsters in particular, were frequently featured in the chests of the local press, particularly the Daily News. According to a well-known social activist, video games, which have become a craze among youngsters, have now had an unnoticed impact on their daily life. Like something with nails, video games and teenagers are inextricably linked. What are the consequences of unsupervised video games on teenagers? 

Good For You 

Research has shown that teens can learn spatial, visual and hand coordination skills from video games, especially from shooter games. Some games require a lot of these skills to succeed. For example, players need to keep track of position, speed, purpose, direction and more. The brain processes all this data and coordinates by hand as all actions are performed with a keyboard or game controller. 

Effects Communication Skills  

As a result of unregulated video games, teenagers will become teenagers who do not know how to socialise or communicate effectively. Adolescents are unable to adequately socialize or interact with those around them. This is thought to be because they don’t have an opportunity to start a conversation because they are too preoccupied with their video games. As a result of being cooped up in a room playing video games, kids will frequently be labelled as indecent monkeys for not mingling with their peers. Furthermore, they lack the confidence to speak in front of a large group of people. Teenagers are lacking in interpersonal skills as a result of this predicament.

Can Effect Violence in Adolescents

One of the most detrimental effects when playing violent video games is the increase in violence in children. A comprehensive meta-analysis involving more than 100 research papers has shown that exposure to violent video games is a risk factor causing an increase in aggressive behavior. Some researchers have claimed that violent video games can make children insensitive to violence, and lower the likelihood of prosocial behavior. Educational video games can teach school subjects more interactively, and pro-social games can increase empathy in teens. The positive effect depends on the game your teen chooses to play. Violent and sexual play is more negative than positive.


In conclusion, there are various effects that adolescents experience as a result of uncontrolled video games. Therefore, teenagers should have a high determination to curb video games from affecting the lives of teenagers because of water round because of sewers, human round because of consensus. Through this determination, it is hoped to produce teenagers who excel in their studies, are physically healthy, open-minded, intelligent in communicating and socializing and have good relationships with family members. Young people with the above characteristics will be able to develop the country because they are prominent figures. For adults, it could be an easy escape. Just remember to have control over the game online mega888