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In the 21st century we are living in, people have an unhealthy reliance on the Internet and smartphones. It is relatable that one cannot function like they normally can without their smartphone. It is clear that people prefer doing anything online as it is so easy to access and user-friendly. You get used to this and how people no longer used traditional methods to settle payments or purchases. They prefer going through their daily routines with the aid of their smartphones and the Internet. Hence, more people prefer shopping online rather than going to the stores to buy whatever they want. 

custom website designers malaysia

What is online shopping? You can define online shopping as a form of electronic commerce where you use a web browser or mobile applications to directly buy products and services from a seller over the Internet. Commonly, people used online transactions like online banking or debit pay in order to settle the payment for their purchases. Some of the mobile applications that are popular for online shopping are Lazada and Shopee. Now, let’s move on to the top 3 reasons why people prefer online shopping over normal shopping.

Attractive Advertisement And User-Friendly Websites

Besides the mobile applications, you can also browse through websites of the specific brands of products you wish to purchase. The fact that these websites have attractive designs that attract many customers make it a selling point to the sellers. Most websites are also user-friendly where it is very easy to access and you can navigate through the website on your own. You no longer have to walk around in a mall to buy a few things or face any enthusiastic promoters that won’t leave you alone as you browse through the products in a store. This is a smart move by the sellers as they utilise custom website designers malaysia for the best web design service. 

Safer Option During The Pandemic

Countries all over the world have been hit with the pandemic phase of COVID19 where it is no longer safe to leave the house and go to public spaces. The risk of getting infected is so high that Malaysia has been forced to implement another MCO (Movement Control Order) in June 2021 due to the high cases of COVID19 reported. Since people are encouraged to stay at home all the time, online shopping has been a safer option for people to buy things they need during the pandemic. It is safer since no direct purchase between the seller and buyer is done through online shopping. You can simply pay through online payment and request for a no-contact delivery where the person delivering your items puts them outside your house door without risking any interaction with you.

Promotions And Deals Available

Another perk of online shopping is that you can buy the items at a cheaper price compared to the items sold in the store. Online shopping commonly offers various promotions and discounts through their advertisements so that more people will be attracted to shop online. Sometimes, you can get a 50% off discount or a free shipping item for your shopping.

Final Words

In conclusion, online shopping has been proven to be preferred much more than the traditional way of shopping. It’s not even surprising since you don’t have to put on some makeup and go through all the hassle of driving to the nearest mall. With online shopping, you can comfortably shop in the comfort of your own house and if that isn’t the best part, I don’t know what is.