I received my first casual watch in Malaysia when I was 10 years old and although it was plastic kids watch; it is still cool for me. In fact, I bragged about it with my friends and they are also compelled to have their parents buy one for them as well.
Fast forward to today and only a few people are left wearing wristwatches and part of the reason that is so is due to the proliferation of mobile devices known as smartphones.
I actually still wear a wristwatch and I do have three different ones. One is a casual watch that I wear pretty much every day. I also wear a smartwatch for whenever I work out and I also have a watch for formal occasions as well.
Since we live in a world where smartphones have pretty much dominated our gadget space, I am here to tell you some reasons why you should still wear wristwatches.

A Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Statement

The early wristwatches were used on specific occasions. For one, military personnel uses it as a means to coordinate and synchronize their attacks. Even though we are not in a warzone, wristwatches nowadays are typically used as a means to improve your overall style.
For instance, a lot of men buy watches with interchangeable bands so that they can use them no matter what the occasion is. In fact, a friend of mine has one and he has a watch that he can use for whatever event there is.
For men, matching their shoes and their belts with the watch they’re wearing just accentuates their look even further. In fact, if women see that you have good color coordination, then they will appreciate you even more.

They Can Bring Efficiency and Convenience

I cannot count how many times I’ve left my smartphone due to a variety of reasons. In fact, I’ve been in a situation where I was going late for a job interview only for me to find that I didn’t bring my smartphone with me.
Why am I telling you this? Because at that time, I wasn’t wearing a wristwatch because I was once part of the demographic that thinks that traditional wristwatches do not have a place in this world. I was so wrong!
Ever since then, I swear by the use of a traditional watch, especially when it comes to telling the time. It is much more convenient and it makes me more efficient about my time as well.

A Watch Can Be a Good Investment

If you buy one of those sought-after watches today, you can bet that it will appreciate in price in the future. In fact, if you spend, say, a thousand dollars on a premium watch today, you could sell that for 100x times that in 20 years!
But, even if you do not have any intention of selling your watch, they can still be a great hand-me-down gift to your kids or grandkids. For instance, my father received a 50-year-old watch from my grandfather and although it is worn out on the outside, it still works as it should. That is why I swear by the construction of a mechanical watch.

People Who Wear Watch Are More Conscientious About their Time

It is a known fact that people who wear watches as opposed to relying on their smartphones to tell the time are more punctual and are more conscientious about their time than those who do not.
Aside from it being a fashion statement, wearing one will compel you to be on time.