First of all, let me stress that we are all just humans. We tend to think that what we feel right now is lasting. Well, maybe that is how we assume it at that moment but because we sometimes cannot control ourselves, there are instances where even we cannot understand why we cannot keep our promises. 


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So, since you are here, do you notice your wife changing? Do you feel that she is not as passionate about you as she used to? If you are doubting about her feelings, you can check out below to see if she is not in love in love with you anymore:

  • She does not share with you about her anymore. Gone are the times when she will express to you her worries or her highs and lows. It seems that she is not comfortable telling you trivial things already, which which is the case before. 
  • She is usually not in a good mood when you are around. It seems that she prefers flavours to be far from you like your sight annoys her. 
  • She does not enjoy physical intimacy with you anymore. It seems that your touch is not welcome and cannot excite her like it was before. Your bed is becoming boring like there is no life at all. You just go to bed to rest. 
  • She is not as attentive to you as before. She does not worry about you if you are late or will tell you to be careful when you go out and so on. You should think twice when this is the case already as this is something serious. 
  • She does not attend to your needs anymore. It seems that you don’t have a wife. Well, she still cares for her kids maybe, but when it comes to you, she is oblivious. This means that it is only towards you that she losses interest. 
  • She is not interested in being with you. She does not do what she used to do like maybe going out with you, watching movies together and so on. Things like that seem to be boring to her and she prefers to be alone. 
  • She stops arguing with you like she just lets you win most of the time. This is not like before when you can hardly get your way as she is like a warrior when it comes to arguments. But lately, she does not care at all about your ideas, as you can just do them, for all she cares. 

Is this the situation of your wife towards you? If this is the case, you should be attentive. Maybe it is because of how you treated her before that she is becoming like that. Maybe there is still something you can do so your married life will go back to the way it used to be. Why not try famous online sex toys Malaysia in one of your bedtimes? Yes, it might become more seldom, but this might work! Plus, if you are purchasing sex toys online, there are a lot of advantages to it.