JomApply Time

Services like these can connect people or ideas and share information as well as work in real-time from anywhere in the world. There are platforms that allow certain users to share secure accommodation and share projects, online business, documents, videos, using clean virtual whiteboards as well as sharing a paper-free culture. Using the or JomApply Time is important there.

JomApply Time

Social Media

The higher speed broadband allows those companies that use social media as a communication and promotion system such as FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, to share their campaigns in real-time as well as connect with new customers by differentiating themselves from the competition with images and videos on “Learn how”, “Did you know”, etc., or just share videos of the most important benefits your company offers.

In short, using in your company or business, a broadband system according to your needs can improve the performance of your employees in many aspects and you do not require a large investment in infrastructure or personnel since everything can be contracted in a modular way or According to the measure of your company, the first thing you have to do is approach an IT expert who can advise you on what is the best technology for your company and facilitate access to communication and information.

  • If you want to make use more efficient, we invite you to visit and read our publication on Make Broadband Use Efficient.
  • Little powerful routers, poorly configured networks and even the building materials of your house are some elements that hinder the WiFi coverage of your house. WiFi next offers a simple alternative to fix it.
  • The confinement has confirmed that many homes are not properly equipped and suffer from problems in terms of WiFi network coverage and connection speed.

This situation has been aggravated by the need to make much more intensive use of Wi-Fi networks for teleworking, studying, or for leisure, making the deficiency even more notable due to the saturation of the Wi-Fi network in households with several members. 

Making simultaneous use of it

Obsolete or cheap routers that are not capable of carrying the signal to all the corners of your house, and to achieve this, they do so with a slow and unstable connection in which video calls are constantly cut off or the sending of data is slowed down.