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A patio is an opening outdoor courtyard often attached to an entrance point on your home. People often confuse porches and verandas with patios, but they are different structures as some are enclosed while others are open. Patios are not enclosed structures so they are very much open and unrestricted, making them a great place to chat and catch-up with friends, host a small house party or relax on your own with a good book and other forms of entertainment. They are multipurpose structures and help give your home a great  structural appearance. So, if you want this great addition to your home, here are some considerations before you take on the hefty project.


  1.     Your patio floor

Patio floors can be made from stone or wood, but some people like to add ceramic tiling. Stoning is the most common feature in which people use flagstones, gravel or other stone variations for their flooring. Wood is not the most popular option but it can work, depending on the kind of stone you would like to have. Brick is another option that gives it a rustic feel 


  1.     Exit point

Some patios are accessed through wooden back and side doors, but if you want a wider access point to get to your patio, sliding glass doors are great. A Hufcor Glasswall Specialist can assist you in getting the best glass partition for your home with careful considerations of the interior design of your home, alerting you of any circumstances or problematic areas that need to be addressed. 


  1.     Plants and vegetation

Do you need to clear some of your land for the paving process? Can you work over it and still have a secure, durable flooring for your patio? Try to consult an expert. Some experts may advise against having grass because the land requires a flat surface to properly apply the stone type you pick. Levelling your land can ensure that your patio is flat when it is built and that it lasts longer. Grass may begin to grow through your flag stones and weaken them if it is not removed first.

Hufcor Glasswall Specialist

  1.     Weather

The weather is an important factor to consider when it comes to getting your patio made. Weather considerations will dictate the right materials, not only for your pavings, but for your furniture or how you decide to use your patio and the accessories you place around it. If you are in an area that snows heavily, wooden paving may not keep true to its original glamour because when water melts it gets soaked by wood. During Malaysia’s monsoon season, try to find ways to keep your furniture safe and secure so that the rains and wind are not destructive to your patio. It also prevents your patio ornaments from being flung at and damaging your home, depending on the direction of the winds.