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Mountains, streams, and magnificent sunrises are not generally associated with Selangor and KL, yet these are precisely what there is to offer! Whether you’re a beginner hiker with almost no knowledge or an experienced hiker searching for a more difficult challenge, hiking is the ideal way to explore Selangor and KL’s natural beauty, and there will always be a route for you. Hence, if you want to quit gambling in the best online casino in Malaysia, then you might want to take this opportunity to see the beauty KL and Selangor has to offer to you.


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  • Bukit Broga

Broga Hill is a popular choice among hikers who want to have a good time with their friends or family. To witness the sunrise at the top, most hikers start their journey as early as 4:30 a.m. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the sky change colours as you approach the summit! If you’re going on a hike before the sun rises, don’t forget to bring your torchlight.


  • Bukit Gasing

Nothing quite like visiting one of the state’s last surviving “green lungs,” and we’re referring to Bukit Gasing. If you’re unfamiliar with this hill of various trails, visit on Sundays when it’s busy with hikers (they’ll gladly point you in the correct direction if you get lost). On the other hand, you can find solitude and calm on weekday mornings as well.


  • Kanching Eco Forest Park

Kanching Eco Forest Park is known for its seven-tiered waterfall, which stands at a height of 208 metres. This tranquil park also has a range of routes of varying degrees of difficulty, making it a great place for both novice and experienced hikers. Malaysian citizens pay RM1 throughout the week and RM2 on weekends, while non-citizens pay RM5.


  • Taman Saga

Saga Hill is another one of those hillsides that have multiple entrance points that all lead to the same final location. Because the entry spots are not close to one other, please ensure you return the same way you arrived or you may have to take a cab back to your initial point.


  • Bukit Botak & Bukit Cherakah

Even though these two identical hills are not known by people, they are undoubtedly hidden gems with breathtaking vistas that you should not miss, particularly if you walk for the scenery! Your journey will begin similar to that of Broga Hills, with a crossing of palm tree plantations, but the pathways will be covered by the branches and leaves, therefore you won’t be exposed to as much humidity.


  • Bukit Kiara

Bukit Kiara is a popular hiking area with a variety of trails, some mild and some challenging. A three-hour hike will indeed provide you with a wonderful workout as well as a spectacular glimpse of the sunlight peeking through the trees. There is no admission charge.


  • Chiling Waterfall

After a fascinating and challenging hike along the Chiling River, you can reach the Chiling Falls. The excursion isn’t so much of a hike as it is a pleasant stroll; nonetheless, you will have to cross the river several times, so dress appropriately and wear decent footwear. The advantage of this ‘hike’ over the others on the list? You’ll be accompanied by dragonflies, fishes, butterflies in a real jungle! You may also take a picnic to the falls by bringing a mat and refreshments.