1.Breastfeed your baby.

Do you love buying baby bibs and baby milk bottles in Malaysia for your little one? Purchasing these crucial items for your child is great, but, as much as possible, fill those milk bottles with breast milk, not formula milk. Do you know that kids who were breastfed as newborns tend to have higher IQs?

2.Change the scenery.

By simply changing the scenery, you can raise a smart baby. You can do this by moving her chair to different parts of the home or room. Let her see new objects and colors, and feel different textures.

3.Always make eye contact with your child.

Infants grow up first. Thus, leverage on those brief moments when your infant is lying on your arms, with their eyes wide open. Babies recognize faces and facial reactions early on in their lives, so make sure to make eye contact each time she stares at you.

4.Sing a beautiful song.

There are so many benefits of singing to your baby. It doesn’t matter if that is a popular song, or you just made up your own verses. According to research, learning music and rhythms is, at some point, similar to learning math.

5.Tickle her hands and toes.

Laughter is one of the foremost steps in developing a good sense of humor. Tickle her hands and feet, and play fun games with her once in a while. That way, you can also teach her how to anticipate events.

6.Let her play with her food.

It’s okay to be messy sometimes. By the time she is ready, serve different healthy solid food that vary a lot in texture. This may include pasta, cereal or cooked peas. Let her explore all of her senses while enjoying her meal.

7.Read story books over and over again.

You may think “oh my child is still an infant. She wouldn’t understand all of these stories yet.” Well, you’re wrong. Reading to her can help her establish her memory and language skills, even while she’s still a very young baby.