When people hear the words “Event Planning”, they usually think of someone who is going to be stressed just to make the event happen.

Although that can be true for the uninitiated, there are actually some tricks to make planning and event hassle-free. If you want to know those tricks, read through the rest of the article.

1. It is All in the Planning

An event will not be successful without careful planning. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to make sure that you come up with a list of to-dos to help launch the event off the ground. There are only three words you need to remember before making your strategy, and those words are Memorable, Appropriate, and Achievable.

The event can be Memorable by sticking to what the main goal of the occasion is. If it is a fundraiser, it will always be about charities. If it is a corporate event, it is mostly about your company and its partners.

Whatever the main goal is, center your decisions around what actions you need to take in order for people to remember the occasion. The plan should also be Achievable in the sense that it doesn’t go way over the budget and it should be something that you can execute at the time that is allotted to you.

And finally, it should be Appropriate that it highlights the main objective of the event. If it is a formal one, make use of formal decorations. If it is an informal event, make use things that are appropriate for the matter.

2. Make Your Strategy Flexible

Once you know the main objective, you can start planning for the event. You can list all of the things that you need to do; some of which are reservation of the venue, how many guests you’re going to invite, and what catering service to go for.

Now, you have to expect that some things will not go according to your original plan, therefore, you must be flexible enough to come up with some backups.

Although everything can stay on their course and not go out of whack, you have to be prepared
for the worst.

3. Decide What to Put On, But Don’t Get Too Focused on the Small Details

Event planners are often quite meticulous in that if a certain tablecloth or linen do not match, they often get so frazzled that they stress over small things.

Remember, you can make it simple by deciding on something, have one of your staff look at it and if they think that it is good enough, move on to the next task. You do not need to sweat over those finer details.

4. Use Digital Means

You can certainly send out invitations and perhaps even hang some promotional materials on the side of the road, but you can gain more coverage (and help you save more money) if you opt for using some digital means instead.

For example, you can post an event page on some popular social media sites and promote it using the platform.

You could send emails to your guests instead of having it snail-mailed. They can get your message without the fear if the mail arrived at their doorstep or not.

Post photos and videos about the event before, during, and after so that people will remember it and, thus, making it more memorable.